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NOVITANE is the tradename of a polyester base, cast urethane elastomer specifically formulated and designed for material lining applications requiring exceptional resistance to abrasion, impact, cutting and tearing. NOVEX, INC.'s unique continuous casting process provides long length capability and insures a consistently uniform thickness on all grades and styles of NOVITANE sheet.

NOVITANE gives you the ultimate in:.

  • TENSILE STRENGTH: Up to twice the strength of the best natural rubber compounds.
  • ABRASION RESISTANCE: Outwears other lining materials such as rubber, steel and ultra-high molecular weight polyethlene.
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: Retains its physical properties when exposed to air up to 185° F or as low as -60° F.
  • TEAR/CUT RESISTANCE: Exceptional resistance when subjected to sharp, heavy or abrasive materials.
  • IMPACT RESISTANCE: Excellent resiliency withstands impact without permanent deformation or rupture.
  • OIL-SOLVENT RESISTANCE: Excellent resistance to many oils and hydrocarbon solvents
  • OZONE RESISTANCE: Will not crack when subjected to high concentrations of ozone.
  • MEETS FDA AND USDA CRITERIA: CU-85 meets FDA requirements for dry bulk food stuffs, while FG-85 and 95-P are USDA approved for direct contact with meat and poultry products.
  • STATIC CONDUCTIVITY: Meets International Standard ISO 284 - electrical resistance not to exceed 3x108 (300 Ohms). Available in all hardnesses on a made to order basis.
  • NOISE ABATEMENT: Excellent suppressor of noise when bonded to metal surfaces.
  • ECONOMY: Extended service life reduces operational downtime frequency of replacement in terms of material and labor cost.

  • PLAIN SHEETS: Available in 55 thru 95 durometers, thickness from 1/16" to 1", widths up to 4 feet and roll lengths up to 150 feet. Other colors, along with precision cast close tolerance (± .010") sheeting are available upon request.

    FABRIC-BACK SHEET: Available in thicknesses from 1/8" to 1" widths up to 4 feet and roll lengths up to 150 feet. NOVITANE sheet is integrally cast on an 18 oz. cotton fabric. Can be bonded to metal surfaces with a good contact adhesive.

    METAL-BACK SHEET: Available in thicknesses from 3/16" up to 1" widths up to 4 feet, with either solid metal-back or 3/4" diamond expanded metal. Both styles are continuously cast on the metal backing providing superior adhesion and can be fabricated by being sawed, sheared or rolled.

    Sheeting Specifications: