NOVITANE belts are specially formulated and made using single unit construction through a unique process called synchronous casting. This process saturates and penetrates the fabric with polyurethane, eliminating separated plies and significantly improving belt function and belt life. A wide range of durometers and belt tension ratings are available.

The following materials were subjected to a Taber Abrasion Test according to ASTM D 3389, utilizing H-18 wheels, a 1000 gram load at 1000 cycles. The resulting weight loss in milligrams per revolution were as follows.

In comparing the weight loss of a RMA Grade II rubber compound formulation, commonly used in rubber covered conveyor belting and conveyor belt wiper/scraper rubber, to CU-85 you can see that the CU-85 has 93% less weight loss and in effect has 13.7 times more abrasive wear resistance. The Taber Abrasion test results, however, do not imply that the CU-85 NOVITANE will provide 13.7 times more service life than the RMA Grade II rubber compound, but will significantly increase service life where severe abrasion is the primary factor. The service life of any elastomeric product is influenced by many factors in addition to abrasion.


USCO is a high performance cast urethane elastomeric material which is tougher and more durable than most rubbers and plastics. It combines the product attributes of both metal and rubber, for a belt that possesses ultimate strength, with the elasticity of rubber. For over 20 years, USCO belting has proven its superiority in the most abusive applications. No other product on the market compares to USCO’s unique construction and field performance.

Field Applications

  • Glass Cullet
  • Recycling Industry
  • Canter Belts
  • Sawmill Belts
  • Log Handling
  • Scrap Metal
  • Foundry Castings
  • Heavy Sharp Rocks Slinger Belts
  • Fabric and Metal Stamping Aluminum and Steel Coil Wrapper
  • Magnetic Separator Belts
  • Belts with less than 18 - 24 months life


Abrasion Resistance - superiority to other elastomers in resistance to wear under the most severe conditions

Rip, Tear, Gouge and Cut Resistance - superior tear, cut, gouge and rip resistance when compared to rubber

Temperature Resistance - retains flexibility at -20°F (-29°C) , although gradual stiffening will begin at 32°F (0°C) . Continuous use at 160°F (71°C) or higher is not recommended.

Coefficient of Friction - USCO can be supplied with various durable fabric backs to reduce coefficient of friction for slider bed conveyor systems

Flex Properties - resists cracking under repeated flexure, shows excellent resistance to cut growth

Cover Adhesion - cast as a liquid onto fabric,  penetrates into weave prior to curing, and is locked into place when cured

Environmental Properties

USCO operates in the most hostile environments and resists deteriorating and damaging effects when exposed to:

  • Oil and Grease Chemicals
  • Moisture
  • Mold
  • Mildew and Fungus
  • Oxygen and Ozone
  • Ultraviolet Light

Additional USCO Products

Bead Bar Scraper - Bead Bar Scraper has achieved a high level of recognition in many mining installations as the premium belt cleaning device.  It’s a highly efficient belt cleaner and it is long-lasting - resulting in long term material and labor savings.

Resistwear Scraper - The Usco Scraper has been field tested. Its superior wear has made it a popular alternative over other materials used to clean conveyor belts.

Unsupported USCO Sheeting - Standard hardness is 87 Shore A +/-3. Sizes are available upon request.

Fabric Backed USCO Sheeting - Available with fabric backing for ease of bonding to wood or metal surfaces. Size and hardness range is similar to unsupported sheeting.